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If you have been in a car accident ICBC may cover you for 12 Pre- authorized acupuncture  sessions.  All you need is your ICBC claim number! No payment  required.  No hassle for ICBC claims.

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About Dwain

Through further studies in Ayurvedic, Traditional Thai, and European herbal medicine and applying their recommendations in his personal life Dwain has developed effective treatments for acute and chronic pain, PTSD, headaches, sleep disorders and other alterations of the nervous system. Treatments that may include acupuncture, channel Qi massage, Qi gong, diet and lifestyle suggestions.



Discover the ancient world of acupuncture to address your various health needs.


Various techniques that will best address your health needs

Auricular Therapy

Using needles or ear seeds to treat the whole body through using reflex points found in the ear.


Cupping is a great way to manage pain and help maintain health


The warming up of the body to treat Cold diseases. Good for- Menstrual pain, Sluggish digestion, Rheumatic pains, and more.

Qi Gong

Offering Private, group or Skype sessions of the 7 Static positions. To learn how to move our bodies in order to improve our health

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